Tuesday, April 20, 2021

short story slam week 177..sijo poems



one of the opt is a  prompt for the day is to write a sijo. This is a traditional Korean poetic form. Like the haiku, it has three lines, but the lines are much longer. Typically, they are 14-16 syllables, and optimally each line will consist of two parts




Kim Jasper

Viral Transformation

Faces behind colorful scarves,
       skaters glide on the frozen ice.
A young pair practices:
       looping, spinning, spiraling—breathless
On the rink, masked workers stack bodies,
       covered by sheets of white.


another attempt of sijo  is made by  constance vincent,

example of poetry form Sijo

  • Line 1: 3-4-4-4
  • Line 2: 3-4-4-4
  • Line 3: 3-5-4-3

 "Yerinzuo" title

he tells me we're always fine, but  i think he and i are apart
sun and moon mountain and ocean all attract yet distract
if they weren't distinct, I tell him, life world be flat without purpose